Wasatch Peaks Credit Union members elected four Directors to the Board in the Board of Directors election at the 87th Annual Meeting held on Thursday, March 2nd at Walker Cinemas in North Ogden. There were five candidates running for four Board seats. Brad Egbert, Mike Enz, Mark Ramsey (incumbents) and Nanette Combe (candidate) were elected to three-year terms on the Board of Directors. Wasatch Peaks thanks former director, Gerald West, for his 12 years of dedicated volunteer service on the Board.

    Each of the eleven members of the Board is elected by members of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union for a three-year term. They are respected members of our community and we are proud to have them represent our Wasatch Peaks Credit Union. Here are the members of the 2017 Wasatch Peaks Credit Union Board of Directors: Mark Ramsey, Ronald Hill, Cindi Hellewell, Curtis E. Smout, Gary McDaniel, Todd Skeen, Brad Egbert, Bill Frye, Randy Rounds, Mike Enz, and Nanette Combe.

    On Monday, March 6th, at the re-organizational Meeting, the Board of Directors named their officers for the coming year. Mark Ramsey was named Chairman, Ronald Hill–Vice Chairman, and Cindi Hellewell–Secretary.

    We thank all of our volunteer officials for their service and leadership; they are instrumental to the continued success of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union. We would also like to thank all Wasatch Peaks members for their attendance at the 87th Annual Meeting and for participating in electing their Board of Directors for Wasatch Peaks Credit Union.

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks