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    Introducing MONEY MOO$E™ Kid's Club!

    By Wasatch Peaks on April 16, 2015

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    Let the savings begin!

    With a Wasatch Peaks Credit Union MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club account, you can start teaching your children or grandchildren (up to 12 years old) the importance of saving for the future. The MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club is a savings account that is designed to help your child succeed financially from a young age and throughout life. Kids can even watch their savings grow by accessing their account with Online Banking!

    MONEY MOO$E™ teaches three important financial concepts:
    Save, Share, and Spend. As a member of the MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club, kids will receive:

    • Membership Card
    • Piggy Bank
    • Coloring Sheet
    • Crayons
    • Punch Card

    Visit us online at wasatchpeaks.com for more information. Stop by any Wasatch Peaks branch to open a MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club Account today!

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