The security of your account is important to us and we strive to keep all member information safe and secure. One of our five core values is Innovation, and we are continually seeking innovative and creative ways to meet the needs of our members. We believe one of the key ways to be innovative for our members is to always be on the lookout for ways to protect your account information. For this reason, in the coming weeks, when you login to Online Banking, you will be asked to change your Login ID.

    In the past, many members have used their account numbers as their Login ID. While this practice is common with many financial institutions, it’s not secure enough for our members. We want to encourage you to create a Login ID that is a unique user name, unrelated to your account number.

    This change is easy. Simply visit and login to Online Banking through the Account Login box in the upper right-hand corner. When you begin typing your usual User ID into the box, a message prompting you to change your User ID will appear (see screenshot above). That message will include the following information:

    To improve your security under federal guidelines, please use a unique username instead of your account number when logging into Online Banking.

    • To change your User ID, first login to Online Banking.
    • In the left panel, click on Security.
    • Click on Login ID.
    • Follow the Login ID Requirements to enter your new Login ID.
    • Click the "Submit Login ID Change” button.
    • A message will display "You have successfully changed your Login ID.”
    • Log out of Online Banking.

    We appreciate your cooperation with this small, but very important change. We know it will increase the security of our member’s account data. If you have any questions about changing your Login ID, feel free to call us at 801.627.8700.

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks