Wasatch Peaks Credit Union is trying hard to be innovative, creative, and resourceful with its products, services, and strategies. Many companies are thriving by providing innovative, specialized products and services for credit unions to offer to their members.

    To be truly innovative you have to ask yourself some tough questions:

    • What makes Wasatch Peaks Credit Union unique?
    • How many credit unions use the same products as us?
    • How do we differentiate ourselves from the crowd?

    The answer? Innovation. If we are going to be truly innovative, there are three things that must happen:

    1. We must be connected to what you, the members, are saying.
    2. We must be member-centric and not number-centric which means that the members are our priority. You are the conduit between the employees and any earnings potential that the credit union may realize.
    3. And we must listen to what our employees are telling us.

    Our latest innovation is a checking product called Kasasa®. This is a free, no fee, high-interest rewards checking account. Don't waste your hard-earned money on monthly fees. Hold on to every dime, plus more. Thanks to excellent dividend rates, the benefits do not stop there. Withdraw funds at ATMs, nationwide, without paying fees. Kasasa reimburses ATM fees not just in Utah but across the country. Kasasa works when you do a few simple things, like using your debit card and receiving eStatements, which save you time and make your life easier. These small changes also help us save us money that is returned back to members in the form of member rewards.

    This is a truly innovative product that you can only find at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union in all of northern Utah.

    Do you Kasasa?

    C. Blake Burrell

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks