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    President's Message: Introducing CUPay

    By Wasatch Peaks on September 28, 2016

    President's Message - Introducing CUPay.jpgWasatch Peaks Credit Union recognizes the changing technology landscape of the financial world. One area that has drawn a lot of attention is payment systems. The long-standing narrative is that credit card security is more secure than online security. Today, that narrative is more fiction than fact. 

    The reality is that concerns over security exist whether you are online, off-line, or on a mobile device. They exist with all payments and even cash. A common misconception is that off-line is safer than online, but this is changing because of the massive security breaches that hit the headlines over the past few years. Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, in collaboration with another credit union, has developed a mobile payment solution and proudly introduces CUPay

    Whether splitting the ticket after dinner with friends, or sending money to the grandkids for their birthdays, CUPay provides a complete, secure, and easy solution. You will be able to transfer money to anyone immediately if they are in-network or have next day processing if they are out-of-network. 

    Utilizing Secure Transaction Image (STI) technology, CUPay runs on the most secure money transfer technology available. The Secure Transaction Image (right) does not store sensitive information like electronic fund transfers. You can trust that your information will never be stolen or tampered with. 

    We have made the CUPay app free to our members. It is available for you to download for Apple and Android devices. Please contact a credit union representative for more information.

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks