On the 3rd of March, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union had its 86th Annual Membership Meeting. Annual meetings are one of things that make Credit Unions unique. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are owned by members. When credit unions profit, everyone benefits because those profits are returned to the members in the form of better rates on loans and savings products.

    The credit union movement began with a simple idea–that people could achieve a better standard of living for themselves and others by pooling their savings and making loans to neighbors and co-workers. This cooperative idea was born because of the inability of the agricultural, industrial, and salaried workers in the early 1900s to get credit from investor for profit banks.

    The Annual Meeting is the avenue that members have to elect members of the Board of Directors of the Credit Union who govern the Credit Union and protect the interests of the membership. Also, the membership can address any other business relevant to the operations of the credit union. The Chairman of the Board of Directors and management of the credit union report on the operations of the credit union for the past year.

    In recent years, we’ve made it a family event and and have included a movie night for both kids and adults. This has been very successful and we are very pleased with the excitement and enthusiasm that the membership has exhibited for this event. Being a member of a credit union is good for members, their families, and the community. We are so very thankful for the support of the membership in the operations of the Credit Union.

    Our Mission Statement is to exceed the expectations of each individual member. It is our priority to make sure that this is your experience. Together, we can work toward being financially fit, and enjoy the benefits of being a part of a credit union. We can work together to succeed.

    C. Blake Burrell

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks