Annual MeetingOur 87th Annual Meeting was an exciting event held at Walker Cinemas in North Ogden. It was a pleasure to see our members and their families come to the meeting, take part in the election of our Board, and enjoy watching a movie together. Members were welcomed to the event in the check-in area in the lobby, where they received a gift and a ticket for the prize drawings. Once they were checked in, guests received their complimentary movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink. Our members and their families enjoyed a private screening of “The Lego®Batman Movie” or “The Great Wall”.

    It was a fun evening for members and their guests, staff, management, and Board of Directors. Attendees enjoyed a beautiful arrangement of The National Anthem sung by Kristine Bowman.

    T-shirts, balls, cups, lanterns, and over $2000 in cash were given away to members! The highlight of the evening was the presentation of $10,000 from Wasatch Peaks Credit Union to local school foundations. Ogden School Foundation and Weber School Foundation were each given $5000. We love supporting education programs in our community.

    Thanks to all who attended and made this special night a success! As always, the board members, management, and staff of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union were delighted to show appreciation to our members by hosting an event members of all ages could enjoy.

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks