Ask any Wasatch Peaks employee how they feel about Wasatch Peaks and they'll tell you the same thing, every time: We're a family. A group of lucky people that work for a company that has its member's best interests at heart and its employee's success in mind. It's a pleasure to serve our members and we've been blessed with great co-workers to carry out our member service mission. Three of those talented people, whom we have been blessed to work with, retired last week. When they were asked what they have loved the most about their jobs, respectively, they all said the same thing–they always felt like they were part of a family.

    We are happy to see them begin a new chapter in their lives, and at the same time, sad to see them go. The good news is, they're members too, so we'll see them when they stop into our branches for a visit. Lets take a few minutes to appreciate three women who made a big difference in our corporate culture, and most of all, to our members. Wasatch Peaks expresses our very best wishes to these exceptional employees in their retirement.

    Barbara Holt - 29 Years of Service
    Branch Manager, 10th Street Branch

    Barbara started her career with Wasatch Peaks as a Teller at the McKay-Dee Credit Union in Fall of 1986. In more recent years, she has been the Branch Manager of the West Roy and Ogden 10th Street Branches. She said she has loved serving our members and has enjoyed the camaraderie she has shared with them. She has expertly taken care of members and employees with the characteristic great sense of humor and professionalism that have made her so successful. Her career advice to you? Be respectful. "I think to get respect, you have to be respectful." She adds that being pro-active in all that you do is also important. "Do whatever you can, whenever you can." A mother of four and grandmother of eight, her retirement plans include spending time with her family, enjoying life, and volunteering at her granddaughter's school.


    Jolene Rogers - 24 Years of Service
    Teller, Roy Branch

    Jolene started as an On-call Teller in 1991 with Weber Credit Union. She enjoyed it so much she eventually went full-time and became a Lead Teller. She has enjoyed the close-knit work environment of the credit union and the outstanding members she has served. Jolene's attitude of determined member focus is contagious and she advises, "Leave your problems at the door. Focus on your work, and stick to it." She says in life you must, "Enjoy what you're doing and prepare for retirement, because time goes by fast!" Jolene's retirement plans include spending time with her husband and family and just having fun.


    Marianne Dowden - 23 Years of Service
    MSR, Roy Branch

    Starting with McKay-Dee Credit Union in 1973, Marianne worked as a teller, loan officer, and manager. In 1976 she went to work for Weber Credit Union as a teller until 1981, when she decided to take some time off to care for her young family. During that time, she was asked to stay involved as a representative of the Weber Credit Committee, which she did for two years. In 1997, when her children were older, she decided to come back part-time to Weber Credit Union. Not long after, she went full-time, becoming a Lead Teller and eventually a Member Service Representative (MSR). She said, "I have loved working with our members and I loved being a Lead Teller. I love numbers and math, so I got a lot of satisfaction from balancing the vault and staying organized." Marianne is excited to spend some time golfing and she can't wait to spend more time with her family. When asked for career advice, she said, "Treat people the way you want to be treated. Hang in there and stay positive." 

    Barb, Jo and Marianne, you mean a lot to every one of us. You’re an inspiration and we’ll miss working with you. On behalf of the members and co-workers you’ve turned into friends over the past 25+ years: We wish you the best and want you to know you’ll always be a part of the Wasatch Peaks Family.

    Have a wonderful retirement and be sure to enjoy every minute! 

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks