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Budgeter Sub Accounts

Easy and Convenient Budgeting


Budgeter Sub-Accounts

Having extra budgeter sub-savings accounts makes it easy to save for those short-term, recurring goals.

In your savings account you can have up to 30 additional sub-accounts to put money into and keep separate for easy tracking! Then, give each account a specific name and organize them how you like in your Online Banking. You can even set up automatic transfers just like you would for your savings or checking. When it comes time to use the money, just transfer it into your checking account for easy access.

open a sub-account!


Plan and Save

Use your sub-accounts to set money aside each paycheck for house payments, insurance, personal money, college expenses, birthdays and whatever is important to you. It will help you improve budgeting and keep your finances organized. 


Want to add sub-accounts?

To add more sub-accounts to your existing account, you can either call our Member Service Center or stop by your local branch where a teller can add them for you.