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Purchasing or refinancing a home is a major decision. Whether you're buying your first home, making the next move, or putting your home’s equity to use, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union has a solution to fit your needs. Check out the details of some of our home loan options or head on over to our mortgage loan calculator to estimate how much you may be spending per month.

Home Loan Rates

Financing your home with Wasatch Peaks Credit Union means you’ll enjoy competitive rates. You can view them in the table below and then use our mortgage calculator to estimate your low monthly payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can a home loan be used for?

    We have a home loan that will help you finance your dream, whatever it looks like. You can use our home loans to purchase a house or other real estate, like a condo or townhouse. You can use a land and construction loan to finance the lot and building of a new home. Or, you can use our renovation loan to finance a fixer-upper and all the repairs.

  • How much home can I qualify for?

    To find out how much you can qualify for, please contact our loan team. We’ll be happy to help you with that once we know a little bit about your finances and the type of homes you’re interested in.

  • How much of a monthly payment can I expect?

    You can use our mortgage calculator to estimate a monthly payment based on a home price, down payment, interest rate, and loan terms. That will give you a good idea to start. Then we suggest getting prequalified to find out exactly how much you can borrow and how much your monthly payment will be.

  • What is the difference between APR and interest rate?

    Both APR and the interest rate represent the cost of a loan to a borrower. However, the APR includes other fees and charges like mortgage insurance, closing costs, and discount points whereas the interest rate does not. This is why the APR is typically higher than the interest rate.

  • What are mortgage points?

    Mortgage points are discount points that you can purchase as a way to reduce the interest rate on your loan. One point generally equals one percent of the loan amount.