Hands typing on laptop holding Wasatch Peaks VISA card

Lost, Stolen, or Suspicious Activity

Get VISA® card help when you need it

VISA® Card Help

Get help with lost, stolen or suspicious activity on your VISA® card. You can also get help with cards not working while traveling.


After hours: 888-241-2510

International, call collect: 909-941-1398


Tips for Traveling

For your account security and to ensure that your cards will work while you are away, please notify us of your travel plans ahead of time.

  • Contact us at least 48 hours prior to your departure
  • Let us know your specific destinations and travel dates 
  • Provide us with a contact phone number for you while traveling whenever possible

Questions about your VISA® card?

For questions about your Wasatch Peaks VISA®card, contact us or visit your nearest branch.