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We’re here to help you stay on top of your loan payments so you can get debt-free faster.


Taking out a low-interest loan is a breeze now that there are so many different ways for you to make your payments. Whether you want to transfer funds from your Wasatch Peaks accounts, get an advance over the phone, or even use a night drop box, we've got you covered.

See below to learn more about these convenient ways you can make payments: 

  • Bill Pay
  • Internal Auto Transfer
  • External Accounts
  • Quick Loan Pay
  • Cash Advance Over Phone
  • Mail Check
  • Visit Branch
  • Night Drop

Timely payments are a key factor in a great credit score so we want to make sure you have everything you need. With so many options on offer, we're sure you'll find the payment method to suit your needs and lifestyle!

1: Bill Pay

One of the easiest ways to make payments is through Bill Pay.  Just login to your Online Banking, click on the Bill Pay link, then add the payee information. 

You can schedule recurring payments for your loan or pay manually each month.

Click below to learn more: 

A woman is looking at her laptop and using Online Banking and Bill Pay to make her loan payment.

2: Internal Auto Transfer

When you have a loan with Wasatch Peaks, you can easily view your loan balance and make payments using Online Banking.

Just choose your Wasatch Peaks Checking or Savings account, enter the amount, then make a quick funds transfer to your loan account.

Watch a quick video or open an account:


3: External Accounts

If you want to make a payment from an external account, you can easily link that account with your Wasatch Peaks accounts using Online Banking. 

After we verify your external account, you can use Online Banking to make your loan payments in the same way as for an internal transfer.  

Watch a quick video and learn more: 

External account bank transfer concept.

4: Quick Loan Pay

Make fast, simple payments with your debit or credit card from another financial institution, including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover debit cards and Mastercard or Discover credit cards. 

Quick Loan Pay is faster than Bill Pay and offers same-day processing if you make your payment before 4:00 PM.

There's a $4.95 flat fee per transaction or a $10 fee for payments over the phone.

Click for details on how to get started: 

A VISA credit or debit card to use Quick Loan Pay.

5: Cash Advance Over Phone

If you need to buy yourself a little time before payday, you can call in and make a loan payment with your credit card over the phone. 

Pay a $10 fee and then you can relax knowing you made your payment on time.  

Call us on:

A young man is happy to make his loan payment over the phone.

6: Mail Check

If online transfers aren't for you, you can easily write a check for your loan payment and mail it to us. 

The address is:

Wasatch Peaks Credit Union Corporate Branch 

4723 Harrison Blvd
UT 84403.

A young woman is writing a check for her loan payment.

7: Visit Branch

As a valued member of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, you're welcome to visit any branch and our employees can help you make a payment. 

You can make in-person payments with your card or through funds transfer. 

Find a branch near you: 



8: Night Drop

There's a night drop box located at each of our branches so you can drop your loan payment off after hours. 

We'll receive and process your payment the following business day.

Find a branch near you: 

A sign pointing to a Night Drop Box for loan payments.

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