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BALANCE Financial Fitness


Your Path to Financial Fitness Starts Here

At Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, we care about your financial wellness. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with your fiscal matters. And should you need, BALANCE can assist with confidential, no-cost financial counseling services to help you develop a sensible budget managing spending and debt. For all your financial life stage changes and more, we—in partnership with BALANCE—are here to help. Click here to learn more about the BALANCE Program.


Wasatch Peaks Blog


Stay Informed!

Our Wasatch Peaks blog is full of helpful tips and information to help you! With articles covering topics from money management and avoiding scams, all the way to vacation savings and kid's club lessons, there's something for everyone to learn. You can search by topic or check out the weekly articles to stay up-to-date on current happenings.

To visit the blog, click here.


Banzai Financial Literacy


What is Banzai?

Banzai is a "choose your own adventure" game that prepares you for life's hardest financial decisions. We all make money mistakes, and budgeting looks a lot harder than it has to be. That's why we're offering you Banzai, a real-world financial wellness program used by tens of thousands of schools nationwide.

All three Banzai courses — Junior, Teen, and Plus — take kids, teens, and adults through scenarios in a fun, lifelike simulation.


What does it teach?

Saving money is not an end to itself — managing money well is about reaching goals. In Banzai, you will learn to make trade-offs, setting money aside for your needs and living well at the same time. In Plus, you will even watch how your choices affect your credit report, and your ability to borrow for a home.

Budgeting: Learn how to enjoy the money you make, while still meeting your needs.

Trade-Offs: The "right" answers aren't clear in real life — decide between several good choices.

Paying Bills: It's never too late to learn self-sufficiency.

Credit Scores: Experiment with credit safely before being tossed into real life.


Why use Banzai?

It's completely free, thanks to Wasatch Peaks. It's one thing to watch a video about buying a home— it's another thing to experience buying a home for yourself. Most important, Banzai prepares you to go after your personal financial goals.

No matter your age or experience with money, Banzai will help you take control of your finances. Sign up at today and start playing.