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Our History

We remember our beginnings and are committed to serving our members


The history of Wasatch Peaks is filled with mergers of small credit unions where each brought their own strengths in volunteers, staff, and membership. Our most recent merger was a strategic partnership of choice, unique among credit unions. Wasatch Peaks Federal Credit Union is the newly formed credit union from Alliance Federal Credit Union, Weber Credit Union, and SummitOne Federal Credit Union.

After receiving approval from the NCUA and a majority vote by credit union membership, Alliance Credit Union and Weber Credit Union were merged as Wasatch Peaks Credit Union on July 1, 2011, followed by SummitOne Credit Union which merged on July 1, 2013.


Become a Member

Alliance Federal Credit Union

Founded in 1930 by employees of both the U.S. Postal Mail Terminal and the U.S. Forest Service, Alliance Credit Union was known for many years as Ogden Government Employees Credit Union. In 1995, the credit union was renamed Alliance Credit Union to reflect the "alliance" between the founding organizations and to serve a more diversified membership.

Several other credit unions have merged with Alliance Credit Union including: Ogden Board of Realtors (1983), Cream of Weber Credit Union (1992), and Rocky Mountain Credit Union (1998) which was formerly Ogden City Municipal Employees Credit Union.

Weber Credit Union

In the early 1950's, educators in the Weber School District had a desire to organize a credit union to help district employees meet their financial needs. The resulting credit union was formed on February 10, 1956 and renamed Weber Education Association Credit Union. In July 1986, the credit union was re-named Weber Credit Union as a reflection of its membership. Weber Credit Union merged both the GSL Credit Union and Utah Peavey Employees Credit Union.

SummitOne Credit Union

From its inception as the Dee Hospital Credit Union on September 13, 1954, McKay-Dee Credit Union has evolved along with the McKay-Dee Hospital in serving the financial needs of its doctors, nurses, administration, and staff. In 1989, both the Ogden Clinic Credit Union and Browning Employees Credit Union merged into McKay-Dee Credit Union. To better reflect its community–charter by the NCUA to serve members in Weber, Davis, and Morgan Counties, McKay-Dee Credit Union changed its name in 2006 to SummitOne Federal Credit Union.

Wasatch Peaks Federal Credit Union

Over the years, the credit unions have been chartered by both the state and federal regulators. Now, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union. All those who live, work, worship, or attend school in Weber, Davis, and Morgan Counties are eligible for membership. The three credit unions combined have seven branch locations, over 32,000 members, and more than $589,000,000 in assets.

As Wasatch Peaks Credit Union continues to grow, we remember our humble beginnings and are committed to serving all our member's financial needs.