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Earn More with Wasatch Peaks

If you like to receive higher returns on your investments, our certificates are just what you're looking for. Open a certificate with just $500 and be on the road to saving! We offer a variety of certificate terms to suit your needs.


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IRA Certificates

Similar to our certificates, IRA certificates are for members with earned income, who are 18 years of age and not yet 70½ years of age. You can open an IRA certificate with $500. We also have Educational IRA Certificates for your children's future education.

Flex Certificates

The Flex Certificate only requires a $50 deposit to get you started, allows deposits anytime, and offers withdrawal options. It is a great way to establish saving habits on a regular basis. As your money grows you can then move your money into even higher-rate certificates. These accounts generally pay a higher-rate than Savings or Money Market Accounts. 

  • Minimum Balance $50, computed daily, paid monthly.
  • Deposit Anytime up to $100,000 
  • Withdrawals allowed first three business days of each quarter (January/April/July/October).

Dedicated Saver Certificates

A great way to save for those pre-planned expenses through the convenience of Direct Deposit. Choose your goal, determine the amounts needed to reach that goal, and then set it up to transfer automatically to your "Dedicated Saver" and watch your dollars grow... Wedding, Dream Vacation, Taxes, Down Payment, College, Retirement!

  • Higher interest rates, based on current Certificate Rates.
  • Choice of terms, 3 to 60 months, to match your goal time frame.
  • Convenience of automatic transfer or payroll deduction (required).
  • Start with a minimum deposit of $10 per month (required).
  • Make one manual transfer of a maximum of $10,000 per month.

Call us at 801-627-8700 or stop by one of our branches and we will be happy to help you with any questions and get you on your way to higher returns.