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Thank You For Warming The Soles

By Wasatch Peaks on Jan 17, 2023 10:49:50 AM

Warm the Soles is made possible by the donations from our members and businesses, and the hard work of our employees. This year, we broke all previous donation records and were able to raise over $51,240 in donations! This provided 1,300 pairs of shoes for children at 12 local elementary schools.   A special thanks to all of our businesses members that donated to Warm the Soles this year! Your donations help children in our community receive new shoes each December. 

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By Wasatch Peaks on Jan 17, 2023 10:23:24 AM

Happy New Year to everyone reading this article. Each new year brings with it a little baggage from the year before, but also the hope for better days ahead. This year brings with it some economic baggage from 2022, in the form of high inflation and rising interest rates. These two factors have put a squeeze on everyone’s finances. A dollar doesn’t go as far as it did a year ago and if you borrow a dollar, it’s going to cost you more in interest than it has in over a decade.  The U.S. inflation rate is 7.1%, as of November, which is way too high. This percentage has come down from its high of 9.1% last May but is still more than triple the 2% target rate of inflation. The prime interest rate, which is the underlying index for most credit cards, home equity, auto, and personal loans, is currently 7.5%...the highest it’s been since October 2007. This prime interest rate was at or below 5.5% for over fourteen years from 2008 to 2022. 

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Warm the Soles 2022

By Wasatch Peaks on Nov 4, 2022 5:16:36 PM

Children across Weber County will be receiving shoes this winter thanks to the Warm the Soles initiative here at Wasatch Peaks. 

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