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Save Money Effortlessly

By Wasatch Peaks on Oct 3, 2023 9:12:58 AM

Experience effortless savings with Cent Saver. Every time you use your debit card, we’ll round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and automatically transfer the spare change from your checking account to an eligible Wasatch Peaks savings account. Whether you’re indulging in a delicious lunch or stocking up on groceries, Cent Saver silently works behind the scenes to help you save money without even realizing it. Take full advantage of your savings potential by combining Cent Saver with your Wasatch Peaks checking account today and unlock countless ways to save for a brighter future. Get started with Cent Saver with 3 easy steps.

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Cd Laddering

By Wasatch Peaks on Oct 3, 2023 8:58:18 AM

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) have been a longtime, popular investment banking tool for individuals seeking a safe and stable place for their funds. Their credit union counterparts, share certificates, are the same type of product, so don’t let the terminology differences trouble you. They offer a fixed earnings rate over a specified period (term), and provide a reliable source of income. However, traditional certificates often lack flexibility since investors must commit their funds for the entire term. This is where certificate ladders come in.

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By Wasatch Peaks on Apr 6, 2023 4:42:13 PM

We finally had a year with little impact from COVID-19 in 2022, but the year was not without its challenges. Towards the end of 2021, inflation started to climb and reached numbers we hadn’t seen in decades. This trend continued into 2022 and the year-over-year inflation rate peaked at 9.1% in June, the highest rate since 1981. In response to these inflation numbers, the Fed began raising interest rates in March and kept right on raising them throughout the year. We started 2022 with a Prime Interest Rate of 3.25% and ended the year at 7.50%.

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