Home Equity Loan Rates

Nurture Your Future with Wasatch Peaks

Taking out a home equity loan through Wasatch Peaks Credit Union equips you to do more with your hard-earned dollars. Fund home renovations, pay medical bills, consolidate your debts for a fresh start, and more. Achieve any goal that fuels your future.

Mortgage Rates

Home Equity Line of Credit
9.5 %
Variable Rate
30-Yr Fixed Mortgage
6.875 - 7.031%
15-Yr Fixed Mortgage
6.75 - 7.003%
30-Yr Improved Lot
7.25 %
3 year call - 80% LTV
9-Month Construction
5.75 %
70% LTV

Remodels & Repairs

Unlock the equity in your home to make improvements and necessary repairs.

Instant Cash

Conveniently transfer money between accounts and gain easy access to instant cash.

Pay Off Debt

Consolidate credit card debt into a single loan with a lower interest rate.

Home Equity Loan Features

  • Low, competitive, and straightforward interest rates
  • Flexible terms and unique payment lengths
  • Local member services
  • High loan to value (LTV) ratios
  • Lump-sum loans to pay for large, one-time expenses

How Home Equity Loan Rates Impact You

Your next home equity loan will make an impact on the way you choose to spend, save, and thrive. You may experience:

  • Financial freedom by receiving a large sum of cash
  • Competitive APR rates that commend your financial responsibility
  • Payment flexibility through unique term options

Home Equity Calculator

Monthly Payment:

Home Equity Loan Rates Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I know if a home equity loan is right for me?

    A: Home equity loans can be extremely useful financial tools, but they are not always the best investment. If you do not have the monthly budget to pay back your loan, or if you currently do not have enough equity to obtain the loan size you want, now may not be the best time to apply.

  • Q: What will make my home equity loan rate go down?

    A: Accessing the best possible home equity loan rate begins with maintaining a low credit score, managing your monthly budget responsibly, and finding a loan amount that serves your needs. For additional information, please visit your nearest Wasatch Peaks Credit Union branch or call 801-627-8700.

  • Q: What makes Wasatch Peaks Credit Union’s home equity loan rates so low?

    A: As a non-profit financial institution, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union does not need to charge a surplus to turn a profit. Moreover, our financial institution is member-based, meaning that our rates are much lower than the average commercial bank. Learn more about credit union membership to get low home equity loan rates today.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). On Approved Credit (OAC). This is our best rate; your rate may be different depending on credit history and underwriting criteria. Rates subject to change based on vehicle loan-to-value and term. Limited time offer.