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Snowmobile Loan Rates

Sled into Savings with Wasatch Peaks

Explore our endless Utah wilderness on a snowmobile that goes anywhere you can. Make the right decision with low-interest rates, competitive APRs, and personalized member services that give you everything necessary to climb your next snow-covered mountain.

Save Money On Your Snowmobile

Choosing to finance your new snowmobile purchase with a loan from Wasatch Peaks could be your first step toward monthly savings!

Snowmobile Loan Features

  • Lock in competitive rates that fit your lifestyle and your wallet.
  • Enjoy same-day approvals that speed up the time between buying and driving.
  • Find dealer direct financing that cuts out the middleman.
  • Term lengths up to 84 months provide plenty of leeway in your monthly budget.
  • Purchase GAP insurance that insulates your uncertainties.

How Snowmobile Loan Rates Impact You

Snowmobile loans are not necessarily huge financial commitments, but they can influence how much you budget for other expenses each month. Look for a snowmobile loan that takes your lifestyle and wallet into consideration:

  • Find a snowmobile loan that is compatible with your monthly budget. Do not overextend or overtax yourself with additional payments if you feel uncomfortable with your current debts.
  • Locate a snowmobile loan that offers the term lengths you need to pay off your loan successfully. Longer terms cost less per month, but shorter terms cost less interest over time.
  • Get a snowmobile loan that will work with your down payment amount.



Snowmobile Loan Rates Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I refinance a current snowmobile loan?

    A: Yes! Refinance your current snowmobile loan through Wasatch Peaks Credit Union by visiting your local branch, contacting our member services center at 801-627-8700, or by chatting with us online at your convenience.

  • Q: What factors will affect my snowmobile loan APR?

    A: Many factors can influence your snowmobile loan APR, some of which include your credit score, loan amount, term length, and debt repayment history. Ensure that you are getting the best deal possible by keeping your credit score high, making a strong down payment, and choosing a term length that is right for you.

  • Q: Do I have to buy my snowmobile from a dealership to get it financed?

    A: Wasatch Peaks Credit Union recognizes that all snowmobile sales are different, which is why we offer financing for dealerships, third party, and private sales. Speak with a loan officer at your nearest branch for additional information.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). On Approved Credit (OAC). This is our best rate; your rate may be different depending on credit history and underwriting criteria. Rates subject to change based on vehicle loan-to-value and term. Limited time offer.