Discover the exciting new membership opportunity at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union with the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU) affiliation.

    Wasatch Peaks credit union and Trails foundation of northern utah…reaching new heights together

    Wasatch Peaks and the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU) have teamed up to offer a unique membership opportunity. If you're already a TFNU member, you can easily join Wasatch Peaks Credit Union. And if you're not yet a member of TFNU or Wasatch Peaks, don't worry - Wasatch Peaks will enroll you at no extra cost. With this partnership, Wasatch Peaks will also contribute to TFNU with a donation for every new credit union member.

    Benefits of Joining Wasatch Peaks Credit Union

    By becoming a member of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, you gain access to a variety of benefits and financial services. Our competitive interest rates can help you earn more on your deposits and save more on loans and mortgages, while our convenient online and mobile banking options make managing your finances easy and accessible. As a member, you'll receive personalized financial advice from our team of experts to help you reach your financial goals.

    Joining Wasatch Peaks Credit Union also means becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for financial success. Take advantage of our regular events and workshops that offer valuable insights and resources for making informed financial decisions. Join our credit union today and become a part of a community dedicated to helping you thrive financially.

    About the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU)

    TFNUlogo+colourThe Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU) is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and maintaining trails in the area. Their dedicated efforts ensure that both residents and visitors have access to safe and well-maintained trails for various outdoor activities. TFNU collaborates with local government agencies, businesses, and community members to improve and expand trail systems across Northern Utah. By becoming a member of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, you can actively support TFNU's valuable work and contribute to the conservation of our natural landscapes. Learn more about TFNU here.

    How the Partnership Benefits Members

    The collaboration between Wasatch Peaks Credit Union and the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU) presents exclusive advantages to our members. By becoming a part of our credit union, you not only access top-notch financial services but also have the chance to contribute positively to your community. A portion of each membership fee goes towards supporting TFNU's trail preservation initiatives. This partnership is a win-win for both our members and the local community.

    Membership Eligibility and Requirements

    To become a member of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, individuals residing, working, worshiping, attending school, or conducting business in Weber, Davis, and Morgan Counties, or specific underserved communities in Box Elder, Salt Lake, Summit, Utah, Tooele, and Juab Counties are eligible. Immediate family members of current members, including parents, children, siblings, spouses, grandparents, grandchildren, stepfamily, and adoptive relationships, can also join. Additionally, if you're a member of the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (, you are eligible to join. If you are not a member of TFNU, Wasatch Peaks will enroll you at no extra cost. Simply provide necessary identification documents like a driver's license, passport, address proof, and social security number to complete the membership application process online or at any branch location. Join today to access the benefits of being a member at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union.

    How to Join and Take Advantage of This Exclusive Offer

    To take advantage of this exclusive offer and join Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, simply visit our website or stop by one of our branch locations to complete a membership application. Make sure to have your identification documents ready and meet the eligibility requirements. Once approved, you'll become a member of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, gaining access to our financial services and the benefits of the TFNU partnership. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join a credit union that prioritizes your financial success and supports the local community.

    Tod Schroeder

    Written by Tod Schroeder

    Tod is the Chief Marketing Officer for Wasatch Peaks Credit Union. He has more than 20 years of service to the credit union.