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    Take a summertime break from your loan

    By Wasatch Peaks on Jul 7, 2023 9:43:41 AM

    Summertime brings loads of expenses that can bust any budget. There are family vacations that put a serious strain on your wallet, costly camp fees for the kids and dozens of other expenses that may not always be part of your usual financial planning.

    Many people wonder how they’ll get through these months. Fortunately, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union offers an exclusive break from your July or August loan payments during this busy time of year. By opting to skip a large payment on a loan or credit card, you’ll free up cash for your daily expenses so you don’t finish the month in the red. Summertime is so much sweeter when you’re not sweating about your bills! Now that sounds like a dream vacation!

    Skip-a-payment is a program that allows members to skip a monthly consumer loan payment during an especially tight financial season. If you are considering skip-a-payment, speak to a member representative for full details and qualifications of the program.

    Want to hit the road without worrying about bills? Call, click or stop by Wasatch Peaks Credit Union today to learn about our skip-a-payment program. Take a break from your loans!

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    Written by Wasatch Peaks