Summer is just around the corner with promises of outdoor adventures! With all that Northern Utah has to offer, it may be time to make some big purchases for outdoor recreation. Here are some tips to help you get started: 


    Choosing an ATV can be overwhelming with so many choices available. There are different options, ranging from traditional four wheelers to side by sides and high-performance models to off-road trail models. Not all ATVs are created equal, especially when it comes to what experience you’re looking to have.

    Take the time to research different models and check their engine power and size to ensure that you’re investing in an ATV that fits the experience you’d like to have. To get started, ask yourself: What are you planning to use your ATV for? How much experience do you have? Are you looking for a new or used ATV? 

    Off-road Motorcycles

    Much like ATVs, there are many options available when choosing a motorcycle for off-road use and it can be easy to find yourself on the wrong bike. Driving off-road is a different experience than street bikes, especially when it comes to handling and speed. Additionally, trail riding is a different experience from motocross riding.

    Research is vital, especially when looking at factors like the brand, model, and maintenance for your experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for advice from those more experienced. Are the seat height and bike weight appropriate? How will you be transporting the motorcycle?


    With so many awesome local locations, summer time boating is a must-do for many! With boats varying from fishing boats to sail boats to a watersports boat, there’s no shortage of water adventures to be had. Since boats are specialized, it’s good to determine what kind of activities your crew will enjoy.

    Once you’ve selected which type of watercraft fits your needs, there is further research to be done. Are you looking for a new or used boat? What is included in your purchase? Where will your boat be stored during the boating season and during the winter season?

    Personal Watercraft

    While buying a personal watercraft may seem more straightforward, there are still several options to choose from. Stand-ups work well for a single rider to maneuver, while two to three seaters can be more comfortable and can be more enjoyable for social group outings.

    For your research on personal watercraft, it can helpful to check the features from specific manufacturers. Is the watercraft comfortable? Is the personal watercraft you’re interested in appropriate for your skill level? Do you need a model that features more storage?


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