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    Board of Directors 2019

    By Wasatch Peaks on Oct 24, 2018 4:40:46 PM

    A Call for Board of Directors Nominations

    In accordance with Wasatch Peaks Credit Union Bylaws, there are four (4) seats on the Board of Directors to be filled. The following directors will have their terms expire in March 2019: Bill Frye, Cindi Hellewell, Randy Rounds, and Todd Skeen. The guidelines for nominations follow:

    • All nominees must be members of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union in good standing.
    • Nominees should be knowledgeable and interested in Credit Union services and benefits.
    • Nominees should have personal time available to devote to Credit Union business, meetings, and research.
    • Nominees must be able to attend the Board of Directors meetings held on the last Monday of each month.

    All members seeking to be nominated for a Board position are required to complete a Nomination Application Form and submit it, along with a résumé and color photo, to the attention of the Nominating Committee no later than December 1, 2018. The application is available to download at wasatchpeaks.com. The Nomination Committee will file its nominations with the Secretary of the Credit Union by December 4, 2018. Nominations for vacancies may also be made by petition signed by one (1) percent of the Credit Union members, which currently equals 312 members. The petition must be filed with the Secretary by January 22, 2019. Wasatch Peaks members may vote electronically, by mail, or by casting a ballot at any Wasatch Peaks branch location beginning in February 2019. Any questions regarding the election or the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors may be directed to the Nomination Committee. The results of the 2019 election will be announced at the 89th Annual Meeting to be held on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at the Walker Cinemas in North Ogden. Please plan to RSVP to attend. Light refreshments will be served and a prize drawing will be held.

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