What kind of saver is your child? One who saves happily, or with a scowl? To find out, stop by one of our branches during National Credit Union Youth Month.

    Every saver is unique, but most people who save regularly developed the habit early in life. Learning to delay gratification in order to save for long-term goals is a crucial life skill, and one that Wasatch Peaks is committed to helping our youngest members develop.

    That’s why we, at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, create programs and services designed specifically for young people. With a Wasatch Peaks Credit Union MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club account, you can start teaching your children or grandchildren (up to 12 years-old) the importance of saving for the future.

    The MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club is a savings account that is designed to help your child succeed financially from a young age and throughout life. Wasatch Peaks offers Display Prizes for kids to collect whenever they make a deposit.

    MONEY MOO$E™ teaches three important financial concepts: Save, Share, and Spend. As a member of the MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club, kids will receive:

    • MONEY MOO$E Plush Toy
    • Peaks Passbook™
    • Membership Card
    • Coloring Book
    • Crayons

    Visit a Wasatch Peaks Credit Union branch to open a MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club Account today!

    Wasatch Peaks

    Written by Wasatch Peaks