While it’s not a pleasant topic or a reality anyone enjoys, the fact is that issues like cyber fraud and online scams are highly common in today’s world. The financial realm is one of the most frequently-targeted areas here, with scammers looking to rip off both organizations and individuals using a variety of technological means.

    At Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, one of the top priorities we take in all our dealings is maintaining proper security. Whether we’re helping you obtain a home loan, car loan or even just a personal or business checking account, we employ detailed online security measures to ensure your information is never compromised. And as October was National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an effort between both government and industry to raise awareness and proactivity on this vital area, let’s take some time to define this basic term and go over some general recommendations for keeping yourself protected.

    Defining Cyber Security

    So what is cyber security, exactly? It’s a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of possible outlets, including systems and processes set up to protect your online technology and various programs from any attacks or illegal access from unwanted sources. It includes everything from anti-virus software to malware protection, but also includes general issues that any user should pay attention to when it comes to organizing finances online, paying bills or doing anything else that involves online account access.

    Tips for Staying Protected

    Some general tips we can offer on keeping your cyber security at the proper level:

    • Follow manufacturer recommendations for anti-virus and other software installed on any new computers or laptops. Keep this software updated and prepared for any new threats.
    • Never access confidential financial information while using public Wi-Fi networks. If you are outside your own home and need to access such information, ensure you’re on your own network.
    • Use different passwords for all your major accounts, and do not include easy-to-guess information like names or birthdates.
    • Never click links sent to you unless you’re completely sure of their contents. This is particularly true if you do not recognize the source sending you the link.
    • Teach your children and anyone new to online activity how to remain safe while accessing their information. If needed, set up firewalls or limited internet access so younger kids don’t accidentally access something they shouldn’t.
    • If you have any indication that your information has been compromised, report it to your financial institution and authorities immediately and look to freeze your credit until the issue is resolved.

    For more on keeping your devices and technology protected, or to learn about any of our cyber security measures in place, speak to the team at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union today.

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