At Wasatch Peaks, we’re here to help you with every element of the home loan and homebuying process. We have fantastic mortgage rates available for qualified buyers, with professionals who can help you with every stage of this process.

    As you know if you’ve gone through it before, this process doesn’t necessarily stop when you get a loan approved and finalized. There are often expenses like closing costs to consider, and this is a period of time where many new buyers are a bit tight on funds and looking for smart ways to tighten the belt. Here are a few basic tips we can offer when it comes to the move itself.

    Advanced Research

    For starters, do your research in advance to find a high-quality, well-reviewed moving company. A company with a bad reputation or a lack of experience could end up running you a significant cost in damages. Consider outlets like the Better Business Bureau or Yelp online to help with finding a reputable vendor.

    Consolidating Items

    There’s no need to pay movers extra for a large number of items that aren’t needed. As you’re packing, create a pile for items you no longer need and set these aside. They can be donated or simply thrown away, or if they still have some value, you could try putting them up for sale. This will mean a lower cost on the move itself.

    Smart Packing

    Down similar lines, the better packing you do, the less likely you are to lose items or take up too much space which could end up costing you more. Do a quick inventory before you begin the packing process to make sure you aren’t caught off guard by any big items on the day of your move.

    Transportation Only

    Many moving companies will offer a transportation-only option – if you don’t mind some basic heavy lifting, choose this option. It will come at a lesser cost but will still get your items where they need to be.

    Proper Scheduling

    In some cases, it can be less expensive to move on weekdays, or during the offseason. At the same time, this might be difficult for family or friends to take work off to come and help you. Take the time to sort out scheduling well in advance.

    For more on how to save some money while moving, or to learn about any of our mortgage loan offerings, speak to the pros here at Wasatch Peaks today.

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