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When and Why to Utilize Business Debt

By Wasatch Peaks on October 30, 2020

Taking on debt can be an inevitable step for many businesses. A loan or a line of credit can provide a business with the cash it needs to expand or fund a new venture.

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Importance of Business Checking Accounts for Small Businesses

By Wasatch Peaks on April 24, 2019

If you’re the owner or manager of a business, particularly a small business, the pros at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union can provide you several important services. From various account types all the way to small business loans that help you stay on your feet through important periods, we’ve helped many businesses grow and stay on track while doing so.

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Factors at Play in Business Loan Approval

By Wasatch Peaks on April 15, 2019

As anyone who has ever applied for any form of loan in the past will know, whether it was an auto loan, home loan or business loan, there are application thresholds involved in nearly all cases. Lenders won’t simply give away money to anyone – they need to assess various factors that play a role in the likelihood of individuals or companies paying back their loan sums appropriately.

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