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The Post-Holiday Budget Recovery Guide

By Wasatch Peaks on January 11, 2023

The holidays are over, and if you’ve gone over budget with your spending, it’s time to deal with the aftermath. Instead of living in a financial deficit, take steps to repair your budget as soon as the last guest leaves. 

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Financial Planning on a Budget

By Wasatch Peaks on October 7, 2022

According to recent studies, Americans are more concerned than ever about their finances. Unfortunately, most are doing nothing about it.

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5 Reasons We Overspend (and How to Overcome Them)

By Wasatch Peaks on January 5, 2021

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s that I-gotta-have-it urge that overtakes us when we see a pair of designer jeans. Maybe it’s that shrug as we reach for the $6 cup of overrated coffee that says “I deserve this.” Or maybe it’s that helpless feeling as the end of the month draws near and we realize we’ve outspent our budget — again.

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