5 min read

What is a Mortgage Loan?

By Wasatch Peaks on October 1, 2020

Has it been your dream to live in a home of your own? We’re here to walk you through the basics of a mortgage loan and to show you how to make your home dreams a reality!

Topics: Goals Budgeting Mortgage Loans
3 min read

The Importance of Being Financially Fit

By Wasatch Peaks on September 30, 2020

Are you ready to stretch those financial fitness muscles? We hope so, because it’s time to get financially fit!

Topics: Goals Budgeting Financial Planning Savings
3 min read

How to Negotiate Salary

By Wasatch Peaks on September 15, 2020

Things are falling into place, and after months of researching your options, polishing your resume and sitting through awkward interviews, you think you may have found your dream job.

Topics: Goals Financial Planning College