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Post-Pandemic Money Moves

By Wasatch Peaks on June 26, 2021

Re-acclimating to normal life as pandemic restrictions are lifted and businesses reopen across the country will mean more than just getting used to wearing real pants again and working without your cat on your lap. You’ll also need to consider your finances. How has your overall money management changed during the pandemic? Have you dipped into your savings? Have you been letting your retirement accounts slide? Or, maybe you’ve been waiting for the chance to hit your favorite retailers again, and you can’t wait to splurge after a 15-month financial fast.

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Avoid PPP Scams

By Wasatch Peaks on February 6, 2021

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has been a welcome relief for small businesses struggling to stay afloat while also keeping their employees’ incomes flowing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Second Wave of Stimulus Checks Brings More Scams

By Wasatch Peaks on January 21, 2021

The second wave of stimulus checks only started hitting checking accounts a few weeks ago, and the BBB and the FTC are already warning of related scams.

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